End-to-End Industrial IoT Solutions


Connecting Things

Synap IoT offers industrial IoT solutions. We combine smart sensors, big data and AI-based analytics to increase equipment availability, compliance and make maintenance easier to plan.




FDA, CFR 21 Part 11 and GxP compliant full automatic Temperature logging and documentation for medical fridges and freezers with our patented predictive maintenance algorithm. 

Temperature Documentation


Full automatic Temperature logging for fridges and freezers, our patented predictive maintenance algorithm will notify your technician  before a malfunction.

Healthcare Solutions


Hospital and healthcare safety can be greatly enhanced by tracking air quality and equipment, providing information about oxygen level, where the assets are located.

Transport & Cargo Solutions


By installing our IoT sensors in a fleet of cars, loading trucks or containers, they can provide valuable insights of the path, live speed and calculate optimal routes.




All data from IoT devices, machines and sensors can be aggregated to automated decisions, forecasts and actions. New insights can optimise production and maintenance cycles.

Train & Railroad



Track bed monitoring. We monitor cant displacement making sure maintenance is done in to time and also individual rail temperature logging. Real time IoT Rail monitoring

Construction Solutions


Realtime Building and Construction Displacement surveillance using IoT monitoring. We are providing  monitoring of buildings, bridges and structures.

IoT Configurator

& Consulting


Select what sensors and connection you need. we will develop and engineer the IoT-data in a custom dashboard. Get inspired and let us talk about the case.

End-to-end IoT Solutions

Synap IoT not only makes your processes safer and more efficient, but also your work tasks more comfortable. Our intelligent solutions give you an insight into the status of your equipment at any time and from anywhere.


Smart Equipment 

Through artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive maintenance, the pattern of your equipment is constantly analyzed. Thus, irregularities can be detected very early and failures can be prevented.


In our opinion, IoT-Equipment-as-a-Service (IoT-EaaS) is the next step towards a simpler and more advanced usage model. You "rent" our products and services, thus protecting your balance sheet and only burdening your income statement in the correct period.

It means that you rent the hardware and not buy it - you only pay monthly for the service and a setup fee.


IoT Consulting & Prototyping

Off the shelf IoT solutions may not be enough. We advice on  IoT engineering, software, digitalisation, ML, AI and predictive maintenance - to develop innovative solutions.


SynLab IoT is the research and development center of Synap IoT. Here we work on synergies from the combination of the disciplines of engineering, software, mathematics and hardware to implement end-to-end IoT solutions. In cooperation with our project partners and our clients, we help to realize ground-breaking and innovative IoT-projects.

With our IoT modular system. We offer you a variety of more than 400 sensors, transmission technologies and hardware specifications. Please let us know your challenge, together we will find the best solution in the sea of ​​possibilities.



Our products are based on proven technology and a stable infrastructure to ensure reliability. ​The Sensors and our technology has been tested thoroughly at Nordic Bioscience and Lauda Technologies. We received a great deal of support from the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, the Innovation Centre Denmark and Invest in Denmark, as well as through participation in the GoB2B Accelerator Program.

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