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Technology Platform 4.0 

Off the shelf IoT solutions may not be enough. We advice on  IoT engineering, software, digitalisation, ML, AI and predictive maintenance - to develop innovative solutions.


SynLab IoT is the research and development center of Synap IoT. Here we work on synergies from the combination of the disciplines of engineering, software, mathematics and hardware to implement end-to-end IoT solutions. In cooperation with our project partners and our clients, we help to realize ground-breaking and innovative IoT-projects.

With our IoT modular system. We offer you a variety of more than 400 sensors, transmission technologies and hardware specifications. Please let us know your challenge, together we will find the best solution in the sea of ​​possibilities.

SynLab: Design your own IoT

In order to stay ahead of competition, we know that our customers need cutting-edge solutions in unseen and unrealistic timeframes and most under unprecedented cost pressures. Thanks to our strict discipline to key design principles allows us to be able to offer an unseen competitive IoT-Platform that allows a proof of concept within 8 weeks. Typically, we engineer and build 5-10 prototypes, get a CE-approval and start mass production after a positive POC.  

Azure SynCore: Foundation for Transformation

The possibilities and applications of the Internet of Things (IoT) are almost unlimited and industrial IoT (IIoT) is growing at record speed.  We believe in making IoT implementation fast, easy and affordable. This requires a stable and flexible infrastrucure.

With Azure SynCore we offer a stable IoT infrastructure, which enables us together with our customers and partners to connect all sensors and to aggregate the information with algorithms, display it in the dashboard and derive direct recommendations for action.

SynLab IoT connects devices and sensors across multiple protocols, OEMs and standards, we merge data streams, optimize captured data for relevance and context - and we display them intuitively - just as you wish. 


Open SynCore Azure API

With the Synap Azure API your data can be emigrated easily. This makes it possible to publish and share the data via the API. Maintenance, monitoring and backup of REST, HTTP and WebSocket APIs are possible on any scale. Our API is open and data can therefore be shared easily.

For example with AWS, Google, SAP, Microsoft or other Microsoft Azure platforms such as SynCore and Bosch IoT Suite, as well as Telekom Cloud of Things.


Predictive Maintenance

In the setup phase, we support you in setting the relevant parameters. Our SynCore™ platform, through machine learning and artificial intelligence, gets to know your cooling unit better and better, so that irregularities can be detected earlier and earlier so that a service technician can address the problem to prevent your cooling unit from being damaged or even failing.

We can predict the following possible errors in the cooling system with our predictive and preventive maintenance algorithm.


Machine Learning

The pattern of your cooling unit is continuously analysed through machine learning and predictive maintenance. Irregularities, e.g. in the compressor, can be recognized very early and failures such as Damage to the cooling unit can be prevented by an additional service visit.


The algorithm continuously checks whether the normal pattern changes in the interior of e.g. the cooling unit, e.g. whether the temperature is not properly regulated over a certain period of time and whether the temperature continues to rise and approaches a pre-set critical value.


The combinations of different sensors also enable warnings of the set static tolerance limits if the temperature rises over a longer period of time without the door being open, for example, or if the temperature regulates itself too slowly. We call this: dynamic tolerance. In the Dashboard you can easily and intuitively set different static tolerance limits for each cooling unit and also set the tolerance level of the dynamic threshold values.


Plug & Play Connection: Narrowband-IoT

The application areas of IoT (Internet of Things) are almost unlimited. The requirements pose great challenges for the underlying mobile communication technology. The new transmission technology NarrowBand-IoT (NB-IoT) is ideal for IoT applications that exchange only small amounts of data. We have decided to deploy and use this technology for the following reasons.


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