IoT Cloud & Data Infrastructure  

Foundation for transformation

The possibilities and applications of the Internet of Things (IoT) are almost unlimited and industrial IoT (IIoT) is growing at record speed.  We believe in making IoT implementation fast, easy and affordable. This requires a stable and flexible infrastrucure.


Stable infrastructure 
With Azure SynCore we offer a stable IoT infrastructure, which enables us together with our customers and partners to connect all sensors and to aggregate the information with algorithms, display it in the dashboard and derive direct recommendations for action.

Easy integration 
SynLab IoT connects devices and sensors across multiple protocols, OEMs and standards, we merge data streams, optimize captured data for relevance and context - and we display them intuitively - just as you wish. 



Intuitive IoT-Dashboard 

In the SynCore™ dashboard you can set different static tolerance limits for the sensors of each cooling unit - easily and intuitively - you can and also define the tolerance level of the dynamic thresholds. 


When a predictive maintenance, dynamic alarm is triggered, you will receive an immediate notification in the form of an e-mail and a text message.  You can select any number of recipients as recipients.  We are currently working on offering you an automated call that reads the error message to you - this will follow in an automatic update soon. 


Predictive maintenance, dynamic and static temperature alerts are standard in our products. This mighty tool follows as standard in all our sensor subscriptions. 


Individual IoT-Concepts

SynapIoT offers the use of the Azure SynCore infrastructure for third parties. Do you have sensors but no system for handling, monitoring and processing the data? Then Azure SynCore is the right place for you. We quickly integrate the sensors in Azure and set up a dashboard that shows you exactly what your sensors measure. 


Data analysis and IoT connectivity allows you to monetize new business models by delivering innovative offerings, cost savings, better customer experiences and much more secure operations. 


Our unique environment makes IoT concepts simple and in many cases a reality. We enable the collection, processing, storage and analysis of input from millions of IoT devices through our Azure SynCore IoT platform.


Azure SynCore is a solution to many strategic challenges of the market and digital transformation. SynapIoT combines all components of IoT with the expertise and know-how gathered over many years.


Azure SynCore 

The SynCore Plus Subscription with Predictive Maintenance, Dynamic and Static Alerts is standard in all our IoT-EaaS products. 

  • All sensor data in the dashboard 

  • Export reports (PDF, CSV, Excel)

  • Set static tolerance limits for alarms (min. and max.)

  • Set dynamic tolerance limits for alarms (tendencies)

  • Manage notification recipients (SMS and e-mail)

  • Predictive maintenance (maintenance status)

  • Calibration value (manually adjustable)

  • Update hardware firmware (manual/automatic)

  • PxG compliant environment

  • Audit trail

  • Digital legal signature 

  • Secure Cloud Storage 


Azure SynCore Intelligence 

Through artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive maintenance, for example, the pattern of your cooling unit is constantly analyzed. Thus irregularities, e.g. in the compressor, can be detected very early and failures, such as damage to the cooling unit, can be prevented by an additional service visit. You get this security with the SynCore subscription. 


Warnings and alarms are also part of the SynCore monitoring subscription. You will receive an immediate notification in the form of an e-mail and a text message when the refrigerator changes its normal pattern. For example, if the temperature does not regulate itself over a given period of time, shows a rising trend and approaches a set critical value, for example.

During the set-up phase we support you in setting the relevant parameters. Our SynCore™ platform gets to know your cooling unit better and better through machine learning and artificial intelligence, so that irregularities can be detected earlier and earlier.


  Azure SynCore for 3rd Party Data


  Products using Azure SynCore 



Our products are based on proven technology and a stable infrastructure to ensure reliability. ​The Sensors and our technology has been tested thoroughly at Nordic Bioscience and Lauda Technologies. We received a great deal of support from the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, the Innovation Centre Denmark and Invest in Denmark, as well as through participation in the GoB2B Accelerator Program.

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