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Do you want to save time and ensure the right temperature? 

Do you want to eliminate the manual temperature measurement of refrigerators and freezers while increasing your compliance?

Do you want to plan maintenance and be warned for breakdowns in advance?


We offer automatic temperature recording, logging and monitoring for containers, air conditioning systems, cooling trucks, refrigerators and freezers as well as intelligent predictive maintenance.

We create the reports for the authorities.

Always available

Your automatic generated compliance documentation are stored completely and securely in the cloud, and always available for your next audit visit and set up in accordance with GxP.

Temperature Logger 4.0

for Commercial Fridges and Freezers

SafeGuard ™ is SynapIoT's platform for commercial refrigerators and freezers with hardware and software especially for the demanding food industry. SafeGuard ™ is a data logger and recorder that offers you reliable monitoring and recording of temperatures every minute.


SafeGuard ™ automatically generates reports every two hours that you can easily call up from any device (PC, Mac, Android and IOS). Using a QR code or a link, authorities can also download the reports directly.


When a fridge or freezer is about to malfunction, our patented predictive maintenance algorithm will notify you 2-4 weeks in advance, depending on the diagnosis.

   Precision range

    +50°C to -50°C (Factory Calibrated)

    Optional: +100°C to -100°C (TÜV-Calibrated)


Automatic Temperature documentation

FDA, CFR 21 Part 11 & GxP compliant

Notification of temperature deviations

Patented predictive maintenance algorithm

NB-IoT, 4G, 3G and GPRS transmission


Temperature Compliance

Do you want to save time and money and eliminate the manual temperature measurement of refrigerators and freezers while increasing your compliance?

We automate the logging, create the reports for the authorities - so that they are digitally available to you every day. Your documentation documents and all compliance documentation are stored completely and securely in the cloud, and always available for your next test visit and set up in accordance with GxP.

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All data at a glance

In the intuitive dashboard you have a clear overview of all relevant data. Furthermore you can set different individual static tolerance limits for the sensors of each cooling unit - easily and intuitively - you can and also define the tolerance level of the dynamic thresholds. 


When a predictive maintenance, dynamic alarm is triggered, you will receive an immediate notification in the form of an e-mail and a text message.  


You can select any number of recipients as recipients.  We are currently working on offering you an automated call that reads the error message to you - this will follow in an automatic update soon. 


Predictive maintenance, dynamic and static temperature alerts are standard in our temperature products.



Predictive Maintenance

In the setup phase, we support you in setting the relevant parameters. Our SynCore™ platform, through machine learning and artificial intelligence, gets to know your cooling unit better and better, so that irregularities can be detected earlier and earlier so that a service technician can address the problem to prevent your cooling unit from being damaged or even failing.

We can predict the following possible errors in the cooling system with our predictive and preventive maintenance algorithm

Mechanical controller malfunction

Pressure drop from the refrigerant

Pressure drop from the refrigerant

Dusty or Clogged condenser

Compressor failure


Machine Learning

The pattern of your cooling unit is continuously analysed through machine learning and predictive maintenance. Irregularities, e.g. in the compressor, can be recognized very early and failures such as Damage to the cooling unit can be prevented by an additional service visit.


The temperature monitoring algorithm continuously checks whether the normal pattern changes in the interior of the cooling unit, e.g. whether the temperature is not properly regulated over a certain period of time and whether the temperature continues to rise and approaches a pre-set critical value.


The combinations of different sensors also enable warnings of the set static tolerance limits if the temperature rises over a longer period of time without the door being open, for example, or if the temperature regulates itself too slowly. We call this: dynamic tolerance. In the Dashboard you can easily and intuitively set different static tolerance limits for each cooling unit and also set the tolerance level of the dynamic threshold values.


Plug & Play

Installation time less than 5 minutes, without any previous knowledge. No need of wifi infrastructure, the unit uses a mobile  connection.


Instant Notifications

Temperature deviation alarm (static and dynamic thresholds)

Alerts and notifications are send to any number of recipients (via SMS & email).


Lifelong Guarantee

Over-the-air updates, redundant self-diagnosis and lifelong product guarantee


Retrofit to 4.0

Retrofitting is possible on every cooling unit from every OEM. For many cooling units, a 4.0-retrofit can make more sense than a replacement. 


Secure NarrowBand IoT Transmission 

NB-IoT is particularly ideal for many sensors and IoT applications that exchange data only rarely or only sparingly. For these and the following reasons, we at SynapIoT have decided to take advantage of this technology and incorporate it into all of our products.


For most public and private IoT applications, the “narrow” or low bandwidth of Narrow Band IoT is more than sufficient. NB-IoT is also a perfect solution for IoT due to its optimal security of supply and nationwide presence - a much better solution than WLAN or LAN, since these networks are comparatively unstable and sometimes also insecure. The NB-IoT technology uses the secure 3GPP industry standard, it is an internationally recognized, standardized and reliable technology and architecture. 3GPP offers a multi-vendor connectivity, compatibility and secure international coverage.

In addition to the NB-IoT transmission unit, we have also equipped our products with GPRS, 3G and 4G transmission units to ensure that reception is possible everywhere. Furthermore we run automatic firmware updates over-the air. 



Internationally standardised and reliable technology


3GPP LTE security mechanisms, offering a very high security level 


Network coverage over a very long distance possible


Designed for optimized energy consumption


No maintenance and reliable

(Plug & Play)


Azure SynCore IoT Central
SynapIoT offers with SynCore a stable infrastructure, which enables us together with our customers and partners to connect all sensors and to aggregate the information with algorithms, display it in the dashboard and derive direct recommendations for action.

Easy integration 
SynLab IoT connects devices and sensors across multiple protocols, OEMs and standards, we merge data streams, optimize captured data for relevance and context - and we display them intuitively - just as you wish. 


  • SafeGuard™ Controller

  • SynCore ™ Dashboard 

  • Data and report storage 

  • Access to the ServiceDesk

  • QR code stickers for easy data access


  • Hardware dimensions: 10x10x4cm

  • Precision range: +/- 50°C

       Optional: +/- 100°C

  • NB IoT, LTE-M, 4G, 3G & GPRS transmission

  • CE approved


Firmware Updates

Firmware updates for the IoT-controller are carried out automatically, over-the-air and seamlessly, which continuously improves the functionality of the SafeGuard™ controller unit.



The system runs a self-diagnosis program every 15 minutes and immediately sends us the result of the diagnosis. This gives us the opportunity to send you a new SafeGuard™ controller in good time before you realise that something is not being recorded correctly.


Package Price

  • € 20 setup fee

  • € 13 per month*

* by annual payment:

pay only for 11 months,

1 month without charge.



In our opinion, IoT-Equipment-as-a-Service (IoT-EaaS) is the next step towards a simpler and more advanced usage model. You "rent" our products and services, thus protecting your balance sheet and only burdening your income statement in the correct period. Your accountant will no doubt be happy not to activate and not to write off a depreciation plan, but only to record an expense.

This also means a much more effective way of working, because if you no longer need the sensor, simply send it back to us and then others can benefit from it. This corresponds to the modern and sustainable thinking of our customers and fits our innovative products.

What does that mean for you?

It means that you have to rent the hardware and not buy it - you only pay for the service and a set-up fee.


Food Waste

United Nations SDG No. 12

SynapIoT is committed to minimizing food waste by helping owners of refrigerators and freezers maintain a desired constant temperature inside. With our patented predictive maintenance technology installed or retrofitted in or on a refrigerator or freezer or chest, our intelligent SynCore ™ system can constantly ensure that food products are kept at the right temperature. At the same time, a large number of sensors, our patented predictive maintenance algorithm, analyse the complete condition of the device. In the event of any discrepancy, a warning or alarm is triggered immediately and sent to you. This is how we prevent food from being stored at the wrong temperature and having to be disposed of.


Our vision is to use our technology to help minimize food waste worldwide. Every time we convert a fridge or freezer into a Smart Cooler or Freezer, we save on average more than 50 kg of food and several hundred kilograms of CO2.

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