Synap IoT RoomGuard

Automated regulatory logging with RoomGuard

We are providing One Simple Solution to Pharmaceutical companies that completely automates report generation of regulatory data like temperature, humidity, and airpressure.

One Simple Solution is eliminating all obselete USB loggers by providing on cloud based solution for all monitoring in the company, making it easier and cheaper for the regulatory department to stay compliant.

The future of audit logging

Synap IoT is completely automating the logging tasks at pharmaceutical companies. With our ground breaking technology that includes IoT devices, cloud based platform, global coverage we are offering One Simple Solutions to help our customers save time, resources and money. At the same time we are ensuring that our customers are always in compliance with customer requirements and regulatory requirements from authorities.

Scientist with Test Tubes

Features and functions

Businesswoman with Mask

Covid-19 remote auditing

Travel restrictions, lock downs and the risk of infections is currently a new normal we all have to handle in our daily business.

With One Simple Solution from Synap IoT automated logging solution customers and authorities like FDA, CDC and ECDC will be able to perfom remote auditing without coming onsite mitigating the spread of Covid-19 and the different variants like D and Omicron.


Our customers can simply grant auditors access to the cloud based platform and all the autogenerated reports. 

Cloud based solution

Our entire solution is cloud based, which means that all data is stored in Microsoft data centers. All data is backed up between minimum 2 different locations and if needed the data can also be stored in specific countries if country regulation requires this.

We are using two factor authentication from Microsoft to ensure the data security and that only users created by the company admin have access to the portal.