Intelligent Track Bed Monitoring, Rail Temperature and Predictive Maintenance

 A simple retrofit solution for Rail and Train compliance that is installed in less than 10 minutes and operating globally.

Receive near-realtime telemetry on slepper placement and rail core temperature.

Synap IoT RailGuard dashboard
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RailGuard Dashboard

Predictive Maintenance

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Automatic Data Documentation

Safe, Secure & Compliant

Notification of  Deviations

Predictive Maintenance 

NB-IoT, 4G, 3G and GPRS Transmission

Track Displacement



Do you want to have a realtime dashboard of the railroad? 

Do you want to know if a train has to reduce its speed in relation to its load?

Do you want to minimize the manual measurement while increasing your compliance and increase safety?

Do you want to plan maintenance and be warned in advance?


We offer automatic data capture of all relevant rail data as well as intelligent predictive maintenance. 

We provide a real time dashboard, with prioritised maintenance notifications and send you alerts and create status reports.

The system Analyse passing trains calculating optimal speeds and send Instant alerts if a train is straining the railroad over its limit in relation to its speed or load. 


Improved Speed, Safety and Security 

Shippers, commuters and rail operators all expect trains to run on time. When a train is delayed it has a negative impact on everybody relying on the service.

Rail operators maintain the tracks continuously to make sure they can deliver the best service. This is a costly maintenance operation covering often hundreds if not thousands of kilometers of tracks. With more trains running on railroads, the maintenance of the tracks have to become more effective. At Synap IoT our goal is to help rail operators  to automate maintenance operations and deliver preventive maintenance information real time. This will lower the operation and maintenance costs and enable rail operators to deliver a better service to their customers and in the end the shippers an communeters.

Track tension removal with RailGuard
RailGuard rail temperature monitoring

RailGuard Technology 

Our system automatically detects the condition of the railway using Narrowband connected IoT sensors. Artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive maintenance continuously analyse the pattern of the railroad. Irregularities can be recognized very early and failures can be prevented by an additional service visit. Status, Notifications, Warnings and Alarms are part of the RailGuard surveillance subscription. 


Movements of the track is monitored 24/7 and every data point is accessible in our software.

Detect trends in advance and plan maintenance

Make root cause analysis

Move towards predictive maintenance



Groundwater levels are a critical factor when it comes to ground stability and track displacement.


Flooding consequences can destabilize the ground below the tracks. With 24/7 monitoring of the track a slow movement will be detected in time and maintenance or safety measures can be invoked.

Sleeper monitoring with RailGuard
Sleeper movement monitored with RailGuard



Monitoring both rails on the track helps monitoring the internal stress in the rails.


With SynapIoT you can measure the temperature of the railway in real-time and ensures that you always know the exact state of your rails. SynapIoT RailGuard enables you to take action before any failures have time to evolve.

Optimal relation between Load & Speed
Using real-time sensor data, machine learning and artificial intelligence, the state of the rails, the load and environmental conditions are put into relation and speed recommendations for each individual train are determined. 

RailGuard works below ground as well