Commercial Fridge Monitoring

SafeGuard™ is Synap IoT's platform for commercial refrigerators and freezers with hardware and software especially for the demanding food industry and has a precession range down to -50 ° C (optional -100 ° C). SafeGuard™ is a data logger recorder that offers you reliable monitoring and recording of temperatures. SafeGuard™ automatically generates reports every two hours that you can easily call up from any device (PC, Mac, Android and IOS). Using a QR code or a link, food control can also download the reports directly. When a fridge or freezer is about to malfunction, Our Predictive Maintenance algorithm will notify you 2-4 weeks in advance depending on the diagnosis.

SafeGuard Temperature Monitoring for the Food industry



Medicine Fridge Monitoring

MediGuard™ is Synap IoT's platform, which was specially developed for the demanding medical industry. MediGuard™ monitors, logs and documents the temperature level in high-precision refrigerators and freezers and has a precession range down to -50°C.

MediGuard™ supplies GxP-certified hardware and software specially developed to meet the extensive documentation requirements of the supervisory authorities. If a refrigerator or freezer is malfunctioning, you will be informed in advance thanks to our Predictive Maintenance algorithm.

MediGuard™ is a part of our One Simple Solution

MediGuard temperature logging solution for medical refrigerators and pharmaceutical refrigerators