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Air Condition Monitoring

AirconGuard ™ is SynapIoT's platform for monitoring air conditioning and refrigerated rooms and has a precession area down to -50 ° C (optional -100 ° C). Thanks to predictive maintenance and machine learning, you will receive an immediate notification if there is a risk that one of your cooling units or air conditioning systems should fail within the next 2-4 weeks. AirconGuard ™ can prevent or detect failure of your air conditioner, compressor, or even loss of coolant through an early alarm.


We offer predictive maintenance and automatic temperature recording and monitoring for containers, air conditioning systems, refrigerators and freezers.


Do you want to save time and money and eliminate the manual temperature measurement of refrigerators and freezers while increasing your compliance?

We automate the logging, create the reports for the authorities - so that they are digitally available to you every day. Your documentation documents and all compliance documentation are stored completely and securely in the cloud, and always available for your next test visit and set up in accordance with GxP. Reports can easily be called up and downloaded in the system or, if necessary, with the QR code on the device on any smartphone.


Our patented predictive maintenance algorithm continuously monitors the parameters of the cooling unit through machine learning. Deviations in the pattern are recognized immediately and, depending on the diagnosis, can predict a possible future failure within 2-4 weeks.


Commercial Fridge Monitoring


SafeGuard ™ is SynapIoT's platform for commercial refrigerators and freezers with hardware and software especially for the demanding food industry and has a precession range down to -50 ° C (optional -100 ° C). SafeGuard ™ is a data logger recorder that offers you reliable monitoring and recording of temperatures. SafeGuard ™ automatically generates reports every two hours that you can easily call up from any device (PC, Mac, Android and IOS). Using a QR code or a link, food control can also download the reports directly. When a fridge or freezer is about to malfunction, our patented predictive maintenance algorithm will notify you 2-4 weeks in advance, depending on the diagnosis.


Medicine Fridge Monitoring

MediGuard ™ is SynapIoT's platform, which was specially developed for the demanding medical industry. MediGuard ™ monitors, logs and documents the temperature level in high-precision refrigerators and freezers and has a precession range down to -50 ° C (optional -100 ° C).

MediGuard ™ supplies GxP-certified hardware and software specially developed to meet the extensive documentation requirements of the supervisory authorities. If a refrigerator or freezer is malfunctioning, you will be informed in advance thanks to our patented predictive maintenance algorithm.


Pharma Freezer monitoring 

PharmaGuard ™ is SynapIoT's high-precision platform, which was developed for the medical industry and includes has been approved by the FDA. PharmaGuard ™ monitors and documents the temperature level in high-precision freezers and freezers and has a precession range down to -100 ° C (optional -200 ° C). The system also warns you if one of your freezers shows an irregular pattern or is about to malfunction. You can contact your service technician in good time, for example, to change coolant or change the condenser. In the system, you can even enter the email and mobile phone number of the refrigeration technician, so that they are automatically notified immediately, and no valuable time is lost.


Reefer Container Monitoring


ReeferGuard ™ is our platform for Reefer containers. With hardware and software that has been specially developed for the special needs of the demanding logistics, offshore and shipping industry and has a precession range down to -50 ° C (optional -100 ° C). ReeferGuard ™ monitors and documents the geographic position, temperatures and technology in the refrigerated container and creates automatic reports every two hours.


With this valuable tool, service assignments can be better planned. If, for example, a container sends an alarm message at the end of a long journey, you can send it to a service technician who will wait for the compressor or condenser immediately upon arrival in port, so that further transport is possible without any problems or delays. This ongoing self-diagnosis process makes the expensive PTI (pre-trip inspection) superfluous.

Syncore IoT Central


SynapIoT offers a cloud-based service platform to 3rd parties for worldwide access to 3rd party sensors. The platform enables you and your customers to create the optimal framework and a perfect basis for reliable operation of the networked devices. Data analysis and IoT connectivity enable you to deliver innovative new products, cost savings, better customer experiences, and much more secure operations. Our SynCore ™ IoT platform makes the rollout of new IoT concepts easy and possible. Data analytics and IoT connectivity makes it possible for you We allow inputs from millions of IoT devices to be obtained, processed, stored and analyzed by our SynCore IoT Platform.



IoT Platform

SynapIoT offers a cloud-based service IoT-platform, SynCore, for worldwide access to our SynapIoT sensors and SynCor3 for 3rd Party Sensors. The platform enables you and your customers to create the optimal framework and a perfect basis for reliable operation of the networked devices. Data analysis and IoT connectivity enable you to deliver innovative new products, cost savings, better customer experiences, and much more secure operations. Our SynCore ™ IoT platform makes the rollout of new IoT concepts easy and possible.

SynCore makes IoT easy and accessible: 

  • All sensor data in the dashboard (e.g. KPI, OEE)

  • Export reports (PDF, CSV, Excel)

  • Set tolerance limits for alarms (min., Max. And tendencies)

  • Manage notification recipients (SMS, email)

  • Predictive maintenance

  • Calibration value (setting)

  • Update hardware firmware (manual / automatic)

Machine learning


The pattern of your cooling unit is continuously analysed through machine learning and predictive maintenance. Irregularities, e.g. in the compressor, can be recognized very early and failures such as Damage to the cooling unit can be prevented by an additional service visit.


The temperature monitoring algorithm continuously checks whether the normal pattern changes in the interior of the cooling unit, e.g. whether the temperature is not properly regulated over a certain period of time and whether the temperature continues to rise and approaches a pre-set critical value. The combinations of different sensors also enable warnings of the set static tolerance limits if the temperature rises over a longer period of time without the door being open, for example, or if the temperature regulates itself too slowly. We call this: dynamic tolerance. In the SynCore ™ Dashboard you can easily and intuitively set different static tolerance limits for each cooling unit and also set the tolerance level of the dynamic threshold values.

Intuitive IoT-dashboard 


In the SynCore™ dashboard you can set different static tolerance limits for the sensors of each cooling unit - easily and intuitively - you can and also define the tolerance level of the dynamic thresholds. 


When a predictive maintenance, dynamic alarm is triggered, you will receive an immediate notification in the form of an e-mail and a text message.  You can select any number of recipients as recipients.  We are currently working on offering you an automated call that reads the error message to you - this will follow in an automatic update soon. 


Predictive maintenance, dynamic and static temperature alerts are standard in our products and are part of the SynCore™ Plus subscription. This mighty tool follows as standard in all our sensor subscriptions. 


Predictive maintenance


We can predict the following possible errors in the cooling system with our predictive maintenance algorithm:


  • Dusty or clogged condenser

  • Compressor failure

  • Pressure drops from the refrigerant

  • Refrigerant contamination

  • Leakage in the system

  • loss of function

  • Failures of mechanical temperature controllers

  • Cooling container not closed properly


In the setup phase, we support you in setting the relevant parameters. Our SynCore ™ platform, through machine learning and artificial intelligence, gets to know your cooling unit better and better, so that irregularities can be detected earlier and earlier so that a service technician can address the problem to prevent your cooling unit from being damaged or even failing.



In our opinion, IoT-Equipment-as-a-Service (IoT-EaaS) is the next step towards a simpler and more advanced usage model. You "rent" our products and services, thus protecting your balance sheet and only burdening your P&L-statement - in the correct period. Your accountant will no doubt be happy not to activate and book a investment, set up a depreciation plan and monthly book the depreciation - your accountant will only have to handle an expense.

This also means a much more effective way of working, because if you no longer need the sensor, simply send it back to us and then others can benefit from it. This corresponds to the modern and sustainable thinking of our customers and fits our innovative products.

What does that mean for you?

It means that you have to rent the hardware and not buy it - you only pay for the service and a set-up fee.


​The Sensors and our technology has already been tested thoroughly at Nordic Bioscience and Lauda Technologies, first units of the 2nd generation will be delivered to customers in January 2020 thanks to the massive support from our partners.


Our products are based on proven technology and a stable infrastructure to ensure reliability. We received a great deal of support from the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, the Innovation Centre Denmark and Invest in Denmark, as well as through participation in the GoB2B Accelerator Program of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.