SafeGuard            (20€ once + 13€/month)

SafeGuard Overview

SafeGuard is the platform for commercial coolers and freezers

With hardware and software specifically designed for the special needs of the demanding food handling industry. 


SafeGuard advantages

  • One Dashboard that shows the status of all coolers and freezers regardless the supplier
  • Setup alerts and notifications using text and/or email
  • Automatically generated temperature reports & logging
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Safe cloud storage of all GxP reports for 5 years
  • No hidden cost
  • NB-IoT, LTE, 4G, 3G, 2G, GPRS and Wi-Fi 
  • Mobile/PC/Mac Dashboard access
  • Life-time Product Guarantee
  • Retrofit any OEM


SafeGuard Package

  • SafeGuard PCB Hardware
  • 3 x SafeGuard Temperature Probes
  • SynCore Platform-as-a-Service
  • Data and Report storage for 5 years
  • Access to Service Desk
  • 3 x QR-code Sticker for easy data access


SafeGuard Specifications

  • Precision range from +50°C to -50°C
  • NB IoT, 4G, 3G & GPRS transmission
  • CE certification
  • Calibration value adjustable


Turn-key Price - no hidden cost

10€ Setup fee (Net)

13€ per month* (Net)

*by yearly payment: Pay only for 10 month, get 2 month free.


Predictive Maintenance Algorithm & Temperature Alerts

Warning and alerts are a part of the SynCore monitoring subscription, which means that if the refrigerator changes it normal pattern, if the temperature does not regulate right over a period of time and if the temperature keeps rising and getting close to a set critical level, you and multiple other users can receive instant predictive maintenance warnings and temperature alerts by SMS & email.


We can predict the following possible failures in the cooling system using our algorithm

  • Dust in or clogged condenser making the cooling agent unable to release enough heat. This stands for 90% of all errors in cooling systems​
  • Sudden compressor error​
  • Deteriorating Cooling agent ​
  • Mechanical temperature probe failures​
  • Pressure failure in the cooling agent


In the setup phase we assist you in setting the right parameters. SynCore, our platform, will through machine learning learn the pattern of your cooling unit so that any irregularities can be detected very early.


SafeGuard (20€ once + 13€/month)

  • 20€ setup fee per unit - 13€ per month (Net)

    Please Note that you do not purchase the unit. You only lease it. You buy the one-time setup of the unit for 20€ (Net) and hereafter you buy access to SynCore. We offer this mighty tool as a software as a service for 13€ (Net) per month. 

  • Patented predictive maintenance algorithm

    With our technology we can predict when a cooler or freezer is about to malfunction. The cooler or freezer automatically sends a service request to your service provider 2-4 weeks in advance. 

  • Compliance, logging & reports

    We automate the temprerature logging, create the reports for the authorities and make them available to you every day. Historical reports are stored in the blockchain and available online. So, for your next audit visit, all your compliance documentation is available and compliant.

  • No wifi needed - setup in less than 7 minutes

    Synap is connecting directly to the Internet using a cutting edge narrow band IoT Wireless transmission technology‎. Our sensors connect to the Internet without being connect to our customers network. This makes our solution the most simple and safest on the market. Our sensors can also connect to the Internet while it is moving.

  • Secure data storage with blockchain technology

    All data are saved in a secured and tamperproof blockchain in a Microsoft datacentre near you. Every generated report is signed with a stamp that at all times can be verified.

  • Access to Service Desk

    SynapIOT Service Desk - our Hotline is there for help if you need advice on the use of SynCore or any questions around the devices or reports.

  • Retrofit

    Retrofit on almost any cooling, refrigeration-, freezing-, AC-, and transport units device with the products of Synap - if it does not work - just send it back - you will recieve a full refund. 

  • Cancel subscription

    Cancel subscription

    It is at any time possible to cancel subscription with a notice period of 3 months. Read all about subscription cancellation in the FAQ.

  • Narrow Band-IoT-Connection

    The new transmission technology Narrow Band-IoT (NB-IoT) is ideal for IoT applications that only exchange small amounts of data. We at SynapIoT have decided to use and take advantage of this cutting edge Technology.

    • No maintenance and installation necessary
    • Internationally standardized and reliable technology
    • Data transmission possible even with very strong obstacles
    • Good reception even in deep basements.
    • Network coverage over a very long distance
    • Designed for optimized energy consumption

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