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Synap 3rd party integration

SynapIoT offers the use of the SynCore™ infrastructure for third parties. Do you have sensors but no system for handling, monitoring and processing the data? Then SynCore is the right place for you. We quickly integrate the sensors and set up a dashboard that shows you exactly what your sensors measure. 


Data analysis and IoT connectivity allows you to monetize new business models by delivering innovative offerings, cost savings, better customer experiences and much more secure operations. 


Our unique environment makes IoT concepts simple and in many cases a reality. We enable the collection, processing, storage and analysis of input from millions of IoT devices through our SynCore™ IoT platform.


SynCore™ is a solution to many strategic challenges of the market and digital transformation. SynapIoT combines all components of IoT with the expertise and know-how gathered over many years.


The SynCore subscription integrates third-party sensors and displays process the data. A variety of display options are available. 

  • All sensor data in the dashboard 

  • Export reports (PDF, CSV, Excel)

  • Set static tolerance limits for alarms (min. and max.)

  • Manage notification recipients (SMS and e-mail)

  • Calibration value (manually adjustable)

  • PxG compliant environment 

  • Audit trail

  • Digital legal signature 

  • Secure Cloud Storage 


Foundation for transformation

The possibilities and applications of the Internet of Things (IoT) are almost unlimited and industrial IoT (IIoT) is growing at record speed.  We believe in making IoT implementation fast, easy and affordable. This requires a stable and flexible infrastructure.


Stable infrastructure 
SynapIoT offers with SynCore a stable infrastructure, which enables us together with our customers and partners to connect all sensors and to aggregate the information with algorithms, display it in the dashboard and derive direct recommendations for action.


Easy integration 
SynLab IoT connects devices and sensors across multiple protocols, OEMs and standards, we merge data streams, optimize captured data for relevance and context - and we display them intuitively - just as you wish. 

SynCore Platform (30€ once + 5€/month)

SynCore Access (SaaS)
  • 30€ setup fee per unit - 5€ per month (Net)

    One-time setup of your unit for 30€ (Net) and hereafter you buy access to SynCore. We offer this mighty tool as a software as a service for 5€ (Net) per month. 

  • Compliance, logging & reports

    We automate Data-logging of any IoT-devices, create e.g. reports for authorities and make them and live data available via a Link or a QR-code. Historical data are stored in the cloud and are at all time available online. 

  • Secure data storage by Microsoft

    All data are saved in a secure and tamperproof Microsoft datacentre near you. 

  • Access to Service Desk

    SynapIOT Service Desk - our Hotline is there for help if you need advice on the use of SynCore.

  • Cancel subscription

    Cancel subscription

    It is at any time possible to cancel subscription with a notice period of 3 months before ended subription. Read all about subscription cancellation in the FAQ.