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Food and medicine must be kept in a documented narrow temperature corridor. On the one hand, these compliance documentation requirements require a lot of time, and on the other hand, manual documentation is associated with a lot of uncertainty. In addition, it is costly if a cooling unit from a refrigerator, a refrigerated container or the air conditioning system in a train fails. Synap°IoT solves these challenges with IoT sensors, NarrowBand-IoT transmission, predictive maintenance and automation. Synap°IoT enables you to take advantage of the Internet of Things without large investments, which is possible because SynapIoT offers its services as IoT EaaS.


For the analysis of cooling units, Synap°IoT offers an intelligent, fully automatic FDA, CFR 21 and GxP compliant temperature monitoring and documentation solution.

Thanks to a multitude of IoT sensors, machine learning and a patented predictive maintenance algorithm, the pattern of the cooling unit is continuously analyzed. Depending on the diagnosis, a malfunction is detected 2-4 weeks in advance and thus prevented. The intelligent SynCore platform automatically sends a message to service technicians in the GPS vicinity of the location and requests an offer and appointments.

Open IoT- Platform

On the intuitive SynCore IoT platform, in addition to in-house IoT sensors, data from external sources and third-party IoT sensors can also be integrated and displayed in the dashboard. The SynCore IoT platform can process input from billions of IoT sensors in real time and aggregate data as desired.


The R&D-unit of Synap°IoT, SynLab°IoT, offer Industry Clients an entire IoT-One-Stop-Shop, with inhouse IoT-Concept-Advisory, a selection of over 400 sensors, Infrastructure, hardware development, POC and production capacities – all from a single source.


This all-round, tailor-made and turnkey IoT concept, gives industrial customers the security of implementing digitization quickly and risk-free in order to solve a given task or challenge.

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(April 2020)


   SynapIoT ApS

   SynapIoT GmbH i.G.


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   In Denmark: 2019, in Germany: February 2020.

Operative launch:

   December 2019


   Peter Jordan (Former senior manager at Microsoft)


   Still confidential, a Series A round will be closed soon.

Business model:

   IoT-EaaS (IoT-Equipment-as-a-Service)


   IoT sensors and infrastructure for intelligent machine monitoring


   Copenhagen, Munich and New York - a new office will soon be opened in

   Berlin and set up as the new headquarters.

Contact Person: 

   Peter Jordan: 

   p j o (a) synapiot com

   +45 5143 4967



Synap°IoT develops practical solutions for manufacturers, refrigeration technicians and owners of commercial refrigeration systems, medical refrigerators and freezers, air conditioning systems, servers, data centers, greenhouses, temperature-controlled production facilities, reefer containers and refrigerated storage rooms. This includes solutions for increasing efficiency, automatic documentation and predictive maintenance. In addition, the technology offers cooling technicians the possibility of remote fault detection and an intuitive customer management system with which the technician can monitor and view the condition of all devices or the cooling units of his customers at a glance. Of course, the system automatically sends a message in the form of an SMS and e-mail to any number of recipients in the event of a malfunction, a predictive maintenance notification or temperature diversion alarms.

Synap°IoT enables a simple and quick change to digital, intelligent and efficient cooling technology 4.0 in the form of an innovative complete package - the business model is simple, for the setup, the individual setup in the system, we charge a setup-fee. For the automatic temperature monitoring and intelligent predictive maintenance Service we ask for a monthly fee. When the technology is no longer required, the services are simply deselected, and the IoT units and sensors are simply returned.

Predictive Maintenance saves Food

Synap°IoT does a great effort for avoiding food waste and the emission of toxic and greenhouse-promoting refrigerants, therefor we developed that can prevent such events through predictive maintenance. We believe that solutions for users should be value-adding, sensible and economically plausible. For example, by preventing a malfunction of a cooling unit a lot of resources is saved or by documenting the temperature, required by law, which we can automate - means saving hours of compliance and documentation work. These saved hours can easily be used for value-adding and customer-oriented work.


The innovation: SynapIoT has developed a sensor system and an algorithm that continuously analyzes the cooling unit for many parameters. This patented algorithm, which works as predictive maintenance thanks to machine learning, can detect a number of malfunctions in the cooling unit, typically 2-4 weeks before a possible failure.


Machine Learning

The SynCore Intelligence currently detects the following errors via remote diagnosis:


 Dusty or clogged condenser

 Compressor failure

 Pressure loss from the refrigerant

 Contamination from the refrigerant

 System leakage

 Failure of the mechanical temperature controller

 The cooling container is not closed properly

 Loss of function


In the setup phase, we support our customers in setting the relevant parameters. Through machine learning our IoT platform, SynCore, gets better every day and gets to know the individual cooling unit better and better, so that irregularities can be detected earlier and more accurately.

If a malfunction is detected, the service technician in the immediate vicinity is automatically alerted so that the problem can be remedied and prevented so that your cooling unit is not damaged or even fails.


Become a Partner

SynapIoT is therefore always looking for service technicians and partners who are ready to take on service tasks. To be considered, a service technician simply signs up as a partner, thereafter the service partner will be considered automatically in case of a service incident. If there are several service orders a day, SynCore calculates the optimal route for solving the service visits, taking into account fixed dates entered in the calendar.


Service technicians who want to sell our technology can also register on our platform in a few minutes. As a partner, you get an insight into the condition of all of the customer's cooling units and can receive and view direct notifications via remote diagnostics. In addition, we also offer our partners a complete customer management system with personnel planning, route planning, offer calculator and of course we take care of the fully automated bookkeeping of the brokered customers - one partner receives full insight and a credit note every month.


Insurance Discount

Many of our customers insure themselves, for example, against failures in the cold chain or damage due to the failure of a cooling unit. This risk has been proven to decrease with our technology. Many insurance companies reward this with a discount - this discount can mean up to 20% of the insurance fee. We work directly with insurance companies that are happy to give our customers a comparison offer.

Optimized and digitized processes

SynapIoT operates mercilessly digitally, all internal processes are digitized and fully automated. In this way, all processes work very effectively. This saves time and resources and our customers benefit from a considerable cost advantage.


The complete package

The SynapIoT service portfolio includes extensive advice from our ServiceDesk, fully automated, compliant temperature monitoring, tamper-proof storage of temperature reports, intelligent predictive maintenance monitoring of the cooling technology, and alarms for static and dynamic threshold values. The system is reminiscent of calibration appointments and also offers maintenance appointments if required. We deliver the entire service, with sensors, hardware and infrastructure in one package – without any hidden costs.


For service providers, consultants and partners from the respective areas, we offer a variety of cooperation options and support, with the goal in mind that our customers are helped quickly and in the best possible way.

Made in Munich

Engineering & Production 

We have carefully selected our components and the quality of our circuit boards and chips. In order to offer an IoT EaaS model, we have to offer our customers excellent quality, reliable sensors and maximum efficiency through the most modern manufacturing technology - this is how we ensure our success and ensure a high level of customer satisfaction. We deliver a reliable product. One of our unique selling points is our company policy: We only work with components of the highest quality that are sourced from the best in the industry. Our products are developed and manufactured in Munich, in the research and development department. In this way, we guarantee sustainability and the highest quality craftsmanship of our products and all "Made in Germany".


Danish Design  

Danish design stands for aesthetics, functionality and simplicity. This style characterises our products, in form, function and handling as well as sustainability.

SynapIoT has placed its production design focus on environment and design. 
At SynapIoT we have developed an aesthetic product that makes use of the interaction between environment, technology and design. To protect the environment from unnecessary battery consumption, external power consumption is possible.
In this way we contribute to sustainable production and use. We have also created a robust product with a lifetime guarantee. 
Our infrastructure enables automatic firmware updates and thus ensures a long service life for our hardware. 

The intuitive handling of our user interface allows you to easily access your data and reports. Our design concept is an all-round concept - and for us that is Danish Design. 


​The Sensors and our technology has already been tested thoroughly at Nordic Bioscience and Lauda Technologies, first units of the 2nd generation will be delivered to customers in January 2020 thanks to the massive support from our partners.


Our products are based on proven technology and a stable infrastructure to ensure reliability. We received a great deal of support from the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, the Innovation Centre Denmark and Invest in Denmark, as well as through participation in the GoB2B Accelerator Program of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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