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 Machine Learning & Predictive Maintenance 


Machine Learning & Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance is the supreme discipline in the maintenance of machines and systems - but not the end. In most cases, impending faults in machines and systems become noticeable in the products, for example as tolerances that drift away. With sophisticated algorithms and the know-how of the machine manufacturers, the machine should notice these process deviations and indicate the reason for them. The cause can then often be quickly remedied at the next shift change. ​

​Through machine learning and predictive maintenance, the pattern of e.g. a cooling unit is analyzed so that any irregularities can be detected very early and eventually prevent that your will cooling unit will break down. 


Ready-to-go: IoT

Predictive maintenance is worthwhile first of all where expensive machines with expensive content run around the clock and where unforeseen defects are difficult to repair. No wonder, therefore, that operators of power plants or wind turbines began to focus on IIoT discipline at a very early stage.


Synap IoT, for example, helps OEMs to collects IIoT sensor data from each of its globally operating cooling units, with each one providing information every minute. In this mountain of data, adaptive algorithms search for typical patterns that indicate impending failures. Every cooling unit owner thus has access to the gained knowledge through a better working predictive maintenance algorithm.


Predictive Maintenance

In the setup phase, we support you in setting the relevant parameters. Our SynCore™ platform, through machine learning and artificial intelligence, gets to know your cooling unit better and better, so that irregularities can be detected earlier and earlier so that a service technician can address the problem to prevent your cooling unit from being damaged or even failing.

We can predict the following possible errors in the cooling system with our predictive and preventive maintenance algorithm

Mechanical controller malfunction

Pressure drop from the refrigerant

Pressure drop from the refrigerant

Dusty or Clogged condenser

Compressor failure


Preventing Downtime

In the survey by Staufen-Neonex, the companies express high hopes to predictive maintenance. 73 percent of those surveyed expect predictive maintenance to become much more important in the automotive industry. The industry is predestined because, due to the high degree of automation and complex supply relationships, every minute of downtime a disaster. The industry is also a role model for eliminating carelessness and waste.

Suppliers and plant manufacturers are currently increasingly confronted with this issue. "Do Predictive Maintenance, but it must not more," is what e.g. car manufacturers are demanding. SynapIoT have developed exactly that!

Our philosophy is that our products will quickly have to pay off for the customer – fast return of investment is key – IoT have to be affordable to reach a scale of economic.


Secure NarrowBand IoT Transmission 

NB-IoT is particularly ideal for many sensors and IoT applications that exchange data only rarely or only sparingly. For these and the following reasons, we at SynapIoT have decided to take advantage of this technology and incorporate it into all of our products.


For most public and private IoT applications, the “narrow” or low bandwidth of Narrow Band IoT is more than sufficient. NB-IoT is also a perfect solution for IoT due to its optimal security of supply and nationwide presence - a much better solution than WLAN or LAN, since these networks are comparatively unstable and sometimes also insecure. The NB-IoT technology uses the secure 3GPP industry standard, it is an internationally recognized, standardized and reliable technology and architecture. 3GPP offers a multi-vendor connectivity, compatibility and secure international coverage.

In addition to the NB-IoT transmission unit, we have also equipped our products with GPRS, 3G and 4G transmission units to ensure that reception is possible everywhere. Furthermore we run automatic firmware updates over-the air. 



Individual & Custom IoT Projects

SynLab IoT is the research and development center of SynapIoT. Here we work on synergies from the combination of the disciplines of engineering, software, mathematics to implement applied research and development. In cooperation with our project partners and our clients, we help to realize ground-breaking and innovative projects and thus create comparative advantages through digitization.


Here you can get inspiration from our IoT modular system. We offer you a variety of sensors, transmission technologies and hardware specifications. Please let us know your challenge, together we will find the best solution in the sea of ​​possibilities.

Custom IoT Infrastructure

SynCore™ is Synap IoT’s Platform - here you can manage your sensors and add external sensors, in that way you have all relevant sonsor data in one dashboard. We also integrate 3rd party sensors in SynCore. 


  • All sensor data in real time

  • Export reports (PDF, CSV, Excel)

  • Adjust tolerance levels

  • Manage notification details (telephone and email)

  • Status predictive maintenance

  • Calibration value adjustable 

  • Update hardware firmware wireless


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