Intelligent Healthcare IoT Solutions 


Connecting Things

Synap IoT offers a range of Healthcare solutions. We combine smart sensors, big data and AI-based analytics to increase equipment availability, compliance and make maintenance easier to plan. 

Hospital and healthcare safety can be greatly enhanced by tracking air quality and equipment, providing information about oxygen level, where the assets are located and documenting temperature levels. 

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Intelligent hospital

A hospital has many different systems in it. The integration of these systems is the basis for a smart hospital. With the Internet of Things, it has become easier and economically feasible to additionally increase security. For example, through networked fire and security systems with detection of room occupancy, temperature, smoke, oxygen and carbon monoxide, without having to use the hospital's internal network.

Intelligent Equipment

Sick beds or wheelchairs can also be equipped with sensors that determine occupancy, movement and location. Medical staff spends a lot of valuable time looking for equipment every day, this can be prevented. It is also possible to receive a notification in the night shift when a patient falls out of bed or needs other help.


In our opinion, IoT-Equipment-as-a-Service (IoT-EaaS) is the next step towards a simpler and more advanced usage model. You "rent" our products and services, thus protecting your balance sheet and only burdening your income statement in the correct period. 

This also means a much more effective way of working, because if you no longer need the sensor, simply send it back to us and then others can benefit from it. This corresponds to the modern and sustainable thinking of our customers and fits our innovative products.

What does that mean for you?

It means that you have to rent the hardware and not buy it - you only pay monthly for the service and a setup fee.



Secure NarrowBand IoT Transmission 

NB-IoT is particularly ideal for many sensors and IoT applications that exchange data only rarely or only sparingly. For these and the following reasons, we at SynapIoT have decided to take advantage of this technology and incorporate it into all of our products.


For most public and private IoT applications, the “narrow” or low bandwidth of Narrow Band IoT is more than sufficient. NB-IoT is also a perfect solution for IoT due to its optimal security of supply and nationwide presence - a much better solution than WLAN or LAN, since these networks are comparatively unstable and sometimes also insecure. The NB-IoT technology uses the secure 3GPP industry standard, it is an internationally recognized, standardized and reliable technology and architecture. 3GPP offers a multi-vendor connectivity, compatibility and secure international coverage.

In addition to the NB-IoT transmission unit, we have also equipped our products with GPRS, 3G and 4G transmission units to ensure that reception is possible everywhere. Furthermore we run automatic firmware updates over-the air. 


Individual & Custom IoT Projects

SynLab IoT is the research and development center of SynapIoT. Here we work on synergies from the combination of the disciplines of engineering, software, mathematics to implement applied research and development. In cooperation with our project partners and our clients, we help to realize ground-breaking and innovative projects and thus create comparative advantages through digitization.


Here you can get inspiration from our IoT modular system. We offer you a variety of sensors, transmission technologies and hardware specifications. Please let us know your challenge, together we will find the best solution in the sea of ​​possibilities.


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Our products are based on proven technology and a stable infrastructure to ensure reliability. ​The Sensors and our technology has been tested thoroughly at Nordic Bioscience and Lauda Technologies. We received a great deal of support from the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, the Innovation Centre Denmark and Invest in Denmark, as well as through participation in the GoB2B Accelerator Program.

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