Blockchain Technology

Image by Hitesh Choudhary

Secure data storage

SynapIoT is using the blockchain technology to store captured data logs from our IoT-Sensors. Security is very important, and for us it is key to rely on our IoT (Internet-of-Things) data.


Blockchain originally also called “block chain”, is a growing list of records and data logs, so called blocks, that are linked using cryptography. The Blockchain idea was invented by a person (or group of people) using the name Satoshi Nakamoto in a white paper in 2008 to serve as the public transaction ledger of the well-known cryptocurrency bitcoin.

Built-in time lock

In other words the Blockchain technology is a collection of data. The data is added to a time-sequential package – the so-called “block” – each block can not be tampered ore changed when it is closed.


Every new block starts with the end of the previus block – in that way they are linked together. By connecting following blocks in a chronological order - a “chain” of blocks is created.


Each block with the ledger is now distributed, which simply means that the data ledger is spread across the network among all peers in the network, and each decentral peer holds a copy of the complete ledger.

Advantages of the Blockchain

If data need to be verified the data from a given block is compared with all other copies of the same block. If the data identical with the majority of the peers – the data is valid.


The basic advantages of Blockchain technology are decentralization, immutability, security, and total transparency. The blockchain technology allows SynapIoT for verification without having to be dependent on third-parties. The data structure in a blockchain is append-only. So, the data cannot be altered or even deleted.

Digital Transformation

SynLab IoT is SynapIoT's R&D centre. Here we are working on synergies of combining the disciplines of engineering, software, research and development - to create reel cutting edge digitalization for our costumers. 

Our clients simply tell us what to measure, what data they want to see and we build the PCB, write the algorithm and deliver the desired data as a direct usable output. 

Individual IoT concepts
Synap IoT offers the use of the Azure SynCore platform and infrastructure for third parties. Do you have sensors, but no system or platform to handle, monitor and process the data? Then SynCore is the right place for you. We quickly integrate the sensors and set up a dashboard that shows you exactly what your sensors measure. 


Data analysis and IoT connectivity allows you to monetize new business models by delivering innovative offerings, cost savings, better customer experiences and much more secure operations. 


Our unique environment makes IoT concepts simple and in many cases a reality. We enable the collection, processing, storage and analysis of input from millions of IoT devices through our SynCore IoT platform.


SynCore is a solution to many strategic challenges of the market and digital transformation. SynapIoT combines all components of IoT with the expertise and know-how accumulated over many years.


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