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About Synap IoT

Companies using Synap IoT end-to-end IoT solutions benefit from our 16-person team of experienced software developers, IoT engineers and consultants who fully understand system integration and application.

Work with our dedicated project managers and IoT engineers to implement fully integrated and cross-platform IoT applications using state-of-the-art integrated architectures, MVP development and certified testing services.


Our SynLab R&D environment helps your company to avoid costly mistakes in hardware component selection and interoperability early and throughout the entire project.

Engineering knowledge of hardware, software, transmission and business processes at the same time is the key and Synap IoT goes beyond IoT development and offers system integrators, comprehensive project management, prototyping, mass production and financing. 

End-to-end IoT

Synap is an abbreviation for synapse. Synapses are the interconnected threads in a human brain that make our brain function and can process large amounts of data. SynapIoT deliver data from our IoT-devices and 3rd party-sensors directly to our customers via an intuitive platform, a stable infrastructure and an intuitive dashboard. Our goal is to offer our products at a transparent price that not only appeals to early adopters.


We also develop IoT hardware a-la-carte: you simply tell us what you want us to measure and we will provide you with the data, hardware and infrastructure you need.


SynapIoT was founded by Peter Jordan. Our offices are located in Denmark, Germany, USA and Spain, but we operate all over the world. More than 80% of our sensors are located outside Denmark.


Feel free to contact us, we are looking forward to hearing about which sensor solutions you are thinking about and how we can help you and your company to enter the new IoT world.

Made in Munich: Engineering & Production ​​

We have carefully selected our components and the quality of our circuit boards and chips. In order to offer an IoT EaaS model, we have to offer our customers excellent quality, reliable sensors and maximum efficiency through the most modern manufacturing technology - this is how we ensure our success and ensure a high level of customer satisfaction. 


One of our unique selling points is our company policy: We only work with components of the highest quality that are sourced from the best in the industry. Our products are developed and manufactured in Munich, in the research and development department. In this way, we guarantee sustainability and the highest quality craftsmanship of our products and all "Made in Germany".

Danish Design: Concept & Development

Danish design stands for aesthetics, functionality and simplicity. This style characterises our products, in form, function and handling as well as sustainability. Synap IoT has placed its production design focus on environment and design. 

At SynapIoT we have developed an aesthetic product that makes use of the interaction between environment, technology and design. To protect the environment from unnecessary battery consumption, external power consumption is possible.

In this way we contribute to sustainable production and use. We have also created a robust product with a lifetime guarantee. 
Our infrastructure enables automatic firmware updates and thus ensures a long service life for our hardware. 

The intuitive handling of our user interface allows you to easily access your data and reports. Our design concept is an all-round concept - and for us that is Danish Design. 


Peter Jordan

CEO & Founder


Peter Jordan is our CEO and the one to go to when you want to talk about IoT, machine learning and business intelligence. Peter Jordan is also responsible for our Investor Relations and Partners.

You can get in touch with Peter on:

+45 5143 4967 or +49 176 77529318



Our products are based on proven technology and a stable infrastructure to ensure reliability. ​The Sensors and our technology has been tested thoroughly at Nordic Bioscience and Lauda Technologies. We received a great deal of support from the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, the Innovation Centre Denmark and Invest in Denmark, as well as through participation in the GoB2B Accelerator Program.


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